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ToursRus is specialized in motorcycle Off-Road tours!
It was founded by experienced motorcyclists and world travelleres, who understand the unique feeling and joy that a motorcycle ride can bring to its rider. We offer guided Off-Road tours in Portugal, Morocco, Argentina and Chile and our groups are limited to 10 bikes in each tour, to ensure maximum safety and attention to our clients. ToursRus proudly is AJP Motos Official Travel Partner.

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Nuno Leotte Founder

Nuno Leotte ToursRus Motorcycle Tour Guide

The creation of ToursRus is the result of one of those stories where a hobby becomes a career. This transformation occurred in 2007 when I started working as a Tour Leader...

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Barry Porter – USA

Barry Porter – USA

I recently finished my 2nd ToursRUs Off-Road Adventure of 2013 and want to thank Nuno Leotte for his wonderful hospitality and organization! This latest adventure included 600 miles in 4 days in the Atlas mountains... Read more
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